Mine Craft

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    Mine Craft

    SKU: X1001
    Mine Craft

    Mine Craft includes 6 max-load 5" canister shells. Each one launches into the sky with a brilliant, low-level mine, then breaks into huge aerial effects! Effects include:
    • Blue and White Strobing Mine to Silver Nishiki Willow with Green Stars
    • Blue and White Strobing Mine to Brocade Crown to Blue Stars
    • Blue and Red Strobing Mine to Green and Pink Stars to Silver Lace
    • Blue and Red Strobing Mine to Meteor Shower with Red Stars
    • Blue and Gold Strobing Mine to Gold Nishiki Willow
    • Blue and Silver Chrysanthemum Mine to Crackle to Red Lace

    Additional Information

    Case Weight: 51.81 lb
    Case Pack: 12/6
    Effects: Mine, Willow, Brocade, Afterglow, Chrysanthemum, Crackle
    No. of Launchers: 1
    No. of Shells: 6
    Shell Diameter: 1.75"
    Shell Style: Canister
    Size: 6 x 5.25 x 13.5 in.

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