Introducing SFX Show Line

SFX Fireworks is excited to announce SFX Show Line! SFX Show Line is designed to meet the demands of your 1.4G customers who carefully plan every detail of their shows. These discriminating customers will appreciate the pro-style effects and more precise control Show Line products provide. Making Show Line part of your inventory will help meet the needs of this dedicated group of customers and give you an edge over your competition!

Premium 500-Gram Repeaters

Show Line delivers 500-gram repeaters with quality effects not found in other products. Specifically developed for show builders, these premium repeaters will help your customers dazzle their audiences. SFX Showline currently has two 500-gram repeaters to choose from:

54-Shot “W” Finale

The 54-Shot “W” Finale fires a steady stream of V-shaped brocade comets, crackling mines, and color tails to color bursts with glitter. This adds an intense "wow" moment that's perfect in any finale, especially when several are shot together.

Color Rings with Horsetail Pistils

The Color Rings with Horsetail Pistils finale rack offers your customers a distinct show element with perfectly-formed rings and stunning, glittering horsetail pistils.

Reloadable Comets & Mines

Our new reloadable comets and mines allow your customers to shoot single-shot effects anywhere within their show. These shells allow precision and control not otherwise possible with repeaters. Since they are designed as reloadable canister shells, your customers can use their existing mortars or racks without requiring specialized mounting.

We currently have two different comet kits and two different mine kits to choose from. The Color Comets and Color Mines are color-matched to each other, as are the Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines. The Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines are also color-matched to the Show Line Titanium Willow artillery kit.

Color Comets

Each Color Comets shell features a tail with different colored stars. Colors include: Blue, Purple, Green, Gold Crackle, Red and Gold.

Color Mines

Each Color Mines shell features a different color. Color include: Blue, Red, Green, Crackling, Purple, and Multi-Color (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, and Purple).

Glittering Comets

Each pack of Glittering Comets contains two each of Gold, Red, and Green glittering, strobing comets.

Glittering Willow Mines

Each pack of Glittering Willow Mines contains two each of Red, Green, and Gold glittering, strobing mines.

60-Gram Titanium Willow Artillery Shells

By providing a set of single-effect shells, your customers can carefully craft a cohesive barrage of Titanium Willows. These shells are also color-matched with the Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines. Each pack includes six shells containing three different colors. Colors include: Red Strobe, Gold, and Green Strobe.

More to Come

SFX Show Line is just getting started! There are many exciting Show Line products in our development pipeline. You can stay up to date on the latest announcements by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media. For information about how you can leverage this exciting product line in your store or wholesale business, please contact us.

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