New Fireworks for 2023

There are a lot of exciting updates across nearly every category for 2023, including more than 20 new products from SFX Fireworks, SFX Show Line, and The Great American Fireworks Co. brands.

We’ve put a lot of work into our artillery shell kits this year, with some exciting new and updated items. There are two big headliners in this category from the SFX Fireworks brand:

This is basically the perfect artillery shell kit. It includes 12 unique 5” shells that launch with incredible tails to huge, vivid aerial breaks, finishing off with glitter or afterglow to fill the sky!

For customers who just can’t decide which of our artillery shell kits is their favorite, now they don’t have to! SFX Power Pack packs in 30 max-load shells from our most popular artillery shell kits: Neon Strike, Mine Craft, American Firepower, and Hammer of Thunder.

SFX Power Pack

Updated, Compact Packaging

We’ve also released updated versions of several artillery shell kits, offering more compact, efficient package designs that look amazing and reduce landed costs. You can learn more about this new design direction in our article about New Compact Artillery Shell Packaging.

New Compact Artillery Shell Packaging

Building on the basics already offered by Great American, we now offer 8 Oz. Titan Rockets, along with unique SFX Fireworks releases Plasma Ring Rockets and Howler Rockets.

New Rockets for 2023


Adding to an already broad selection of aerial repeaters, we’ve added exciting new items in the 200-gram, 350-gram, and 500-gram repeater categories.

We’re introducing four new repeaters under the SFX Fireworks brand, including Megavolt, Zippee Ki-Yay, Screaming Phoenix, and Ember Waves, along with SFX Show Line’s 240-Shot “V” Titanium Willow Comets and a re-release of Great American’s Journey to Mars 3-set.

New 200-Gram Repeaters for 2023

Main Street USA from The Great American Fireworks Co. is an amazing addition to the 350-gram repeater category, featuring four 16-shot, 350-gram repeaters with vibrant mines to colorful aerial breaks!

At the high end, we have a set of new 36-shot repeaters by Great American offered individually or in the new 4-set All-American Celebration, a noisy Scream Machine by SFX Fireworks, a huge zipper in Ethereal, a re-release of Vendetta, and SFX Show Line's Red and Blue Mine to Silver Falling Leaves!

New 500-Gram Repeaters for 2023

The Great American Fireworks Co. finally gets its own finale rack with ICBM! It unleashes 9 powerful shots featuring massive breaks, each divided into two different color halves separated by a gold brocade ring with crackling pistil, finishing with a 3-shot finale.

Everything You Need for 2023

With so many incredible new options in addition to an already exciting product line, you’ll find everything you’re looking for across our family of brands as we continue to deliver the best fireworks quality and value on the market!

Contact us today for information about offering our products in your store or to find out where you can find them near you.

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