New for 2020 from SFX Fireworks

We're thrilled to roll out a host of new products for 2020 across our SFX Fireworks and Great American Fireworks Co. brands. Today, we're featuring our SFX releases -- 3 all-new fireworks that are the perfect addition to your line-up! These new items are few in number, but BIG in performance! Each one delivers a unique set of effects that are perfect for any fireworks show, whether its your own or your customers'.


Spectre is sure to impress with its vivid colors and a unique "ghost" color-change effect! It starts with a series of 7-shot volleys of color comets to color-changing horsetails, finishing with a 12-shot barrage of crackling comets to color-changing horsetails with crackle.


Grand Finale

Like the name suggests, Grand Finale is the perfect way to end the night! It starts by building anticipation with 10 individual shots of colorful breaks with glitter, then unleashes a rush of glittering mines, sizzling comets and glittering horsetails and a final send-off of red lace that fills the sky!


88-Shot Glitter Barrage Roman Candles

These Roman candles will truly dazzle you with 88 rapid-fire, glittering shots with touches of color. Each case includes red, green, and gold candles with attractive foil labels. Perfect individually or racked up as part of a show!


Get SFX Fireworks Today

These are just a few of the amazing items available from SFX Fireworks. Contact us today for information about how you can add SFX Fireworks to your store's product line-up or to your next fireworks show!

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