New for 2019: 500-Gram Repeaters

SFX Fireworks is pleased to announce several new 500-gram products for the 2019 fireworks season. Like all SFX Fireworks products, these products provide amazing effects and informative, family-friendly, high-end labeling to stand out on your product shelves. All these fireworks are immediately available to be purchased from your SFX Fireworks wholesaler.


Apollo by The Great American Fireworks Company includes four hard-hitting 500-gram repeaters, featuring 12 booming 2" shells, all with glittering tails to gold willows and 3-shot finales.

Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate Freedom by SFX Fireworks features multi-layered mine effects including gold crackle and glitter with red, white, and blue stars; followed by comet tails to aerial breaks of gold brocades with glitter and chrysanthemum crackle.

Downtown Display

Downtown Display by SFX Fireworks features a Z pattern of 12 gold comet tails to brocades with red, green, and blue stars, followed by blasts of brocade mines to glittering peonies with colorful stars.

One If by Land and Midnight Ride

Building on last year’s success of Two If by Sea, The Great American Fireworks Co. has released One If by Land. One If by Land features 15 shots of fine, golden palms with touches of green strobe, crackling, white strobe, and sky-blue stars. One If by Land and Two If by Sea have also been packaged together in a new set called Midnight Ride, containing one each of these fantastic repeaters.

Ringing in the New Year

Ringing in the New Year by SFX Fireworks fills the sky with angled shots of red and blue with white glitter, followed by mine bursts of swirling, whistling tails with red, green, and blue stars to aerial breaks of pink, purple, and green with gold crackle before finishing with sizzling red, green, and blue palms.

More 2019 Products Coming Soon

Even more Product development for 2020 is already underway so be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new products. If you have ideas for new products, we would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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