Product Spotlight: Artillery Shells

Reloadable artillery shells are among the most-popular, best-selling consumer fireworks in America. Even people who are new to fireworks have probably heard of artillery shells or "mortars." These fireworks are sold in kits that include round or canister-shaped shells up to 1.75” in diameter, plus at least one launching tube. Each shell can contain up to 60 grams of pyrotechnic composition by law. When launched from the included mortar tube, they can climb as high as 150 feet into the sky before bursting into a variety of colors and effects. High-end artillery shells deliver the most power and greatest effects of any consumer fireworks.

Because they are so popular, it is extremely important for fireworks retailers offer a broad range of artillery shell options. That's why we offer nine different artillery shell kits between our two brands. This variety ensures that every customer who walks into your store is able to find the artillery shells they want.

1” Mini Magnum by SFX Fireworks


Shells Per Kit: 6
Tubes Per Kit: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $6

The 1” Mini Magnum kit is ideal for your customers who are new to artillery shells. The smaller 1” size makes these shells incredibly fun to shoot and the price is extremely affordable. Keep these kits near the cash registers as an easy up-sell item at checkout.

Festival Ball Artillery by The Great American Fireworks Co.

Festival Ball Artillery

Shells Per Kit: 6
Tubes Per Kit: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $10

Festival Ball Artillery is another first-rate, entry-level reloadable kit. Unlike typical Festival Balls, all of these 1.25" shells include a crackling effect along with each colorful break. Plus, your customers will love the patriotic Americana packaging, which will look great on your shelves.

Incendiary Rounds by The Great American Fireworks Co.

Shells Per Kit: 12
Tubes Per Kit: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $20

Incendiary Rounds is an excellent mid-level canister shell kit with performance comparable to high-quality ball shells. The kit also includes a fiberglass firing tube instead of cardboard, providing high-end quality not usually found at this price. Also, the thoughtful, compact package design prominently showcases the shells and takes up less space on your shelves than similar products. This lowers your product cost while allowing you to fit more of them in your store.

American Firepower by SFX Fireworks

Shells Per Pack: 6
Tubes Per Pack: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $25

American Firepower is a premium 60-gram, max-load canister artillery kit. The six shells in this set deliver hard-hitting breaks of patriotic red, white, and blue effects, making this the ultimate artillery kit for your customers' Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations!

Magnum Artillery by SFX Fireworks

Shells Per Pack: 12
Tubes Per Pack: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $27

Many customers still prefer ball shells over canister shells because the breaks are more symmetrical. Our 1.75” Magnum Artillery ball-shell kit delivers exactly what they need with twelve high-quality effects at a great price.

Artillery 3-Pack by The Great American Fireworks Co.

Artillery 3-Pack

Shells Per Pack: 18
Tubes Per Pack: 3
Suggested Retail Price: $30

The Artillery 3-Pack is perfect for customers who want a lot of artillery shells at a value price. Your customers get eighteen fantastic 1.25” canister shells with a variety of effects, including six each of Colorful, Crackling and Brocade shells. Each pack also contains a fiberglass mortar tube, which is rare at this price point. This kit is barcoded so you can sell it either as a 3-pack set or as individual 6-shell kits, which gives you even greater flexibility.

Mine Craft by SFX Fireworks

Shells Per Pack: 6
Tubes Per Pack: 1
Suggested Retail Price: $30

Customers looking for something different will appreciate Mine Craft. Each of these unique tulip shells fires a colorful mine effect from the tube, followed by a colorful break in the sky. This item is sure to give your customers an edge over their neighbor's fireworks show!

Heavy Ordnance by The Great American Fireworks Co.

Shells Per Pack: 12
Tubes Per Pack: 2
Suggested Retail Price: $47

Heavy Ordnance features twelve max-load, 60-gram canister shells at a value price. This kit is a great middle ground for 60-gram shells that gives your customers the hard-hitting performance they want without breaking the bank.

Hammer of Thunder by SFX Fireworks

Shells Per Pack: 24
Tubes Per Pack: 4
Suggested Retail Price: $90

Hammer of Thunder is our flagship 60-gram canister artillery kit, featuring twenty-four incredible effects. Packaged in a reflective foiled box and gold foil wrapped shells, this kit will look amazing on your shelves. Your customers will love the effects too, including three ultra-premium titanium willow shells. These shells hit harder and linger longer than any other consumer shells on the market!

Get Your Customers the Artillery They Want

We offer the perfect artillery shell kits for all of your customers regardless of their fireworks experience, preference, or budget. Contact us today to get SFX Fireworks and The Great American Fireworks Co. artillery kits in your fireworks store!

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